TX Restaurant Relief Fund Gratitude Wall

Wall of Gratitude


The TX Restaurant Relief Fund initiative of the TRA Education Foundation was established in March 2020 to benefit Texas' independent restaurateurs and their employees impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since our appeal to support restaurants, who are there for all your celebrations and enjoyment, you all have responded with overwhelming generosity. We have received donations of all sizes, and wish to share the gratitude of those restaurants supported by your financial gift. Thank you!


$10,000 or more

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
LNF Distributors - Independent Beer Distributors 
Republic National Distributing
Shiner Beer
Texas Mutual Insurance
Wholesale Beer Distribution of Texas

Up to $5,000

Joe Nuckolls, Big Plate Restaurant Supply
Heaven Hill Inc.
James Bodenstedt, MUY! Companies
Moriah Murphy, UHG/Optum
Foresite Realty

Up to $1000

The Leyendecker Family Fund
Marsh Wortham

Up to $500

Karen Atkinson, Joseph Bybel, Murali Chinnakonda, David Denney, Jennifer Jackson, Robert Jonas, John Keck, Tarra Loera, Susan Petty, John Pitcher, Leo and Marie Sims, Mike Sweet, Sharon Van Meter, Mary Wigginton

Up to $100

Richard Ackles, Jennifer Anderson, Jack Applewhite, Susan Armand, Stephanie Arterbery, Shirley Beckwith, Julianne Brackin, Joe Braden, Sara Brook, Mike Coleman, Mandy Day, Doug Defferari, Terri DeLoach, Gavin Dillingham, Elizabeth Dodge, Melissa Doolin-Koehne, Kelsey Erickson, Erika Fernandez, Maura Gast, Mike Germany, Linda Gump, Hunter Hampton, Kevin Hanlon, Steve Head, Sandra L. Houston, Nancy Kahlden, Jeffrey Knudsen, Philip Levinson, Derek Lipscombe, Melissa LoBiondo, H Peyton Luckett, Aaron Lyons, Mickey Marvins, Audrey Masters, Greta Olivares, Belinda Orozco-araujo, Cheryl Pool, Nancy Procaccini, Laura Russell, Nick Vollert, Anne Clayton Vroom, Kathy Weber


If you would like to donate to the TX Restaurant Relief Fund, click here. Thank you all for your donations!