News: Member Spotlight

  • Apr 10

    On March 27, 2019, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation celebrated restaurant industry stars at the annual Restaurant Industry Awards, in Washington, DC.  The Texas Restaurant Association was proud to have one of its members,...

  • Aug 7

    Five Collaborative Programs Win 2018 AHA NOVA Awards   WASHINGTON (July 17, 2018) – The American Hospital Association (AHA) today announced that it will honor five programs with the AHA NOVA Award for their hospital-led collaborative efforts that...

  • Jun 16

    Restaurateur Scott Plowman, "Scotty P." of Wichita Falls is the latest to be inducted into the Texas Restaurant Association’s (TRA) legendary Hall of Honor – the highest award the Association can bestow. The ceremony will take place at the TRA’s...

  • Oct 12

    Texas Restaurant Association member and past president Carmelo Mauro received the Corporate Community Impact Award for Small Business from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  He was honored at the Governor’s mansion on October 10 as part of the Governor’s...

  • Aug 22
    Russell Ybarra

    Being a TRA member has made a huge difference in my business by simply allowing me to network with other restaurateurs. For example, several years ago a very prominent and successful TRA member allowed me to tour his kitchen. While doing so, I...

  • Sep 12
    Alfonso Hernandez

    Knowledge is power. The resources available to TRA members through local chapters and the state organization are invaluable. For example, I was looking for a new hot dog bun supplier. Instead of searching the Internet, I picked up the Houston...

  • Jun 18

    The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF) is proud to announce Chef Rhonda Obenhaus, Caprock High School, Amarillo, Texas is the 2015 Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation Educator Excellence Award recipient. The...

  • Jun 11
    Heather McKeon

    I was one of the lulcky girls! After graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration in both marketing and management, I looked in all directions hoping for that 'perfect' entry-level marketing position. You know the one.. a no real...

  • May 23

    What I love about food is how it makes you feel. And that's what I want to get across to people. My grandma's food gives me the best feeling in the world. When I left New Orleans to go to the University of Houston, the closest thing I could get to...

  • May 3

    I started in the restaurant industry over 20 years ago as a server in fine dining. I was a single parent and a student. The restaurant industry helped me to support my family until I could earn my degree in Business Administration. Since then, I've...

  • Apr 21
    Brett Keenan

    From waiting tables through my undergrad years, working for the Texas Restaurant Association during grad school, and now doing sales and marketing for Blackfinn, I cannot say enough about how wonderful this industry has been to me. I used to think...

  • Apr 18
    Gloria Starling

    I fell in love with the restaurant industry at a very young age and an education beyond high school was not in my future. Pursuing my love for the restaurant business was the way I spent my college-age years. For the past 23 years, I have been...