News: Trending Issues

  • Jul 8

    Paid sick leave city ordinances and paid sick leave preemption on the state level have been front and center in the news. Three cities, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas have passed local paid sick leave ordinances within the last year, with the San...

  • Jun 28

    The Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) is hosting its first-ever Startup Showcase to shine the spotlight on new technology and innovation from companies of all sizes in the rapidly-evolving foodservice industry. The Startup Showcase will take place...

  • Feb 20
    Wine Station

    When Carrie Britton, owner of Funky Door Bistro & Wine Room in Lubbock opened her doors eight years ago, the city had just recently reversed their pre-prohibition law that had kept them dry for ages. As a sommelier and new restaurant owner with...

  • Oct 7

    The Texas Restaurant Association has launched two new websites, one for the association,, and one for the TRA Marketplace, TRA’s annual trade show, the largest foodservice show in the Southwest, The new...

  • Sep 15
    Credit card swipe

    In 2010, restaurants gained relief from skyrocketing debit swipe fees through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, thanks in large part to the National Restaurant Association (NRA).  Today, debit swipe fees average between...

  • Sep 6

    Gone to the Dogs — Making your outdoor restaurant patio ‘pet friendly’ can reap big rewards (Repost from TRA’s Restaurantville Magazine, September Issue) Dogs are man’s best friend, and increasingly, people are living life with their best friend...

  • Jul 15

    The latest craze to hit the U.S. tech market is an application called Pokemon Go! It's a game that requires the user to walk around and visit specific locations across the user's city to 'capture' Pokemon and attempt to collect them, along with...

  • May 5

    According to Kendra Shier, Vice President of Operations for Bread Winners Cafes in Dallas, there is a new buzzword flying around marketing circles these days, what she calls 'markerations'. It describes the trend of marketing and operations...