News: Legal & Regulatory

  • Sep 7

    The Texas Legislature recently passed HB 1927, the permitless carry bill, which went into effect on September 1, 2021. HB 1927 impacts the gun signage requirements and options for many restaurants and bars. For bars/restaurants that (1) derive 51%...

  • Sep 2

    by Alicia Sienne Voltmer Included in the 666 new laws that went into effect in Texas yesterday was a little-publicized but important set of amendments to the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act (TCHRA), the state version of Title VII of the Civil...

  • Mar 24

    During this time of the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, as employers struggle to make sense of the effects of the newly passed Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act and the Emergency Paid Sick Leave policies on their businesses, we want to...

  • Mar 11
    Bartender pouring drinks

    The dram shop law makes it possible for a victim to sue an establishment for over-service of alcohol. But the most significant part of this Texas law is the “safe harbor” provision, which helps establishments that serve alcohol avoid civil...

  • Feb 19

    In high turnover, fast-paced industries, interviewing is essential in getting good employees on board and keeping operations running smoothly. However, a simple slip of the tongue by asking the wrong question or getting too personal can land you in...

  • Feb 5

    While most restaurant employees know that service animals are allowed to accompany their owners in the public areas of restaurants, if a customer with no apparent disability enters a restaurant with a service dog, questions and confusion can arise....

  • Jan 3

    The Texas Restaurant Association strongly advocated for the full repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Tax (HIT) in the recently concluded Congressional session. We are proud to report that the HIT tax was finally repealed which will ...

  • Dec 18

    Congress 2019 Tax Agreement Update Yesterday, negotiations concluded between the White House and Congress on the assembly of a limited tax package that will be added to a spending bill. This legislation is expected to pass Congress and be signed...

  • Dec 11

    The holiday season brings plenty of private parties and events - which means restaurants have to file the correct alcohol catering certification request with the TABC. TRA has been a driving force, working with TABC to pass the "File and Use" rule...

  • Nov 22

    A San Antonio district judge has granted a temporary injunction on the San Antonio Sick and Safe Law which prevents the ordinance from taking effect on Dec. 1, 2019. The judge has asked the parties to prepare for a trial on the merits of the...

  • Nov 19

    Workplace harassment is a serious problem - and on the rise. Employers have one basic obligation to their workers - to provide a safe, working environment, free from discrimination and harassment. Failure to address the issue can not only affect the...

  • Nov 6

    The Department of Labor recently issued its final overtime rule. Our latest two-minute TRA News Now takes a look at key provisions, such as the new salary threshold of $35,568 per year. Watch now and see what other changes have taken place, and how...