Progressive Restaurant Management Training

Progressive Restaurant Management Training is designed to help your managers take the next step along their industry leadership path. Segments of the training program will cover subjects such as leadership, risk management, customer service, advanced restaurant numbers, hiring and staff retention, training and coaching, and the new economy.

Texas Restaurant Association Director Of Training and Products, Phil Willis, will take attendees through the ins and outs of solid restaurant management. Understanding P & L, labor costs, food costs, and finding and retaining solid leaders for your business are just a few of the keys to any successful restaurant venture.

We understand that every organization is unique with different training needs. That’s why our restaurant management training programs offer custom-designed, in-depth group training based on your needs and budget.

Join our trainings to boost operational performance, reduce turnover and increase profits by keeping your managers up to date with the latest industry-respected certifications.

Topics to be Covered

  • Hiring Great Employees
    • The "New" Economy
    • Determining Staffing Needs
    • New Hire Checklist
  • Dimensions for Success in Employee Management
    • Attracting Winners
    • Active Listening
    • Training and Coaching
    • Using Contests to Build an Outstanding Team
  • Managing the P&L
    • Restaurant Sales - Guest Counts x Check Averages
    • Examining Food and Liquor Costs
    • Prime Cost
    • Managing Cost of Sales Shift by Shift
    • Controlling Labor Costs
    • The Green Restaurant
  • Positively Outrageous Service
    • Trends Affecting Customers' Buying Habits
    • Instituting Positively Outrageous Service
    • Graduate Level POS
  • Risk Management
    • How to Eliminate Risks
    • Proactive Liquor Management
    • Critical Incidents in Risk Management
  • Leading a Quality Shift
    • Planning a Shift
    • Executing a Shift
    • Analyzing a Shift

This is a sample of topics you'll learn as part of the training. Parts of the Progressive Management Training course are from the ManageFirst Program (MFP) and the Food Management Professional Certificate (FMP). ManageFirst coursework is designed for an industry professional focused on the foodservice trade. The course typically takes 1 to 1.5 years to complete and can be use for college credits.  The Food Management Professional Certificate (FMP) is a designation for industry professionals and is a self-paced course. 

ServSafe Manager Classes and Exams - By Appointment

  • Full day classroom training (proctored exam optional)
  • 90 minute proctored exam session

Leadership and Conflict Resolution Clinic - By Appointment

  • Developed 2014 by the TRA
  • Reduce turnover, increase employee satisfaction, leadership performance and create an exciting, profitable work environment

Customer Service Clinic

  • Increase guest satisfaction and positive social media reviews and interaction